Will To Live Online — Key Guide

Detailed information about Will To Live Online Keys, Locations, and Loot.

1Located in the cellar of the strange place after using key #9. Used to open box underwater in back of truck in G9-14 Gold Bars
3Can be found in bag at E8-9 during Heart-to-Heart quest. Used to open shipping container in bunker boss roomMercury and NDP detector part
4Located within the bunker boss room, opens door just outside boss room in main back roomNitroglycerine and NDP detector part
5Radioactive Ruins L11-1 on a corpse inside ruined building. Used on 3rd floor of main building in L11-9 (top left corner) to open doorDistilled water and Nitroglycerine X 7
Found inside a bag in the back of the truck parked in the bunker hanger, before entering the instance to the bunker location
Used at radio telescope tower for Strange Map Piece
8Located on the west side of the Old Ruins at F4-5 / F5-3. Opens cellar on east side of those same old ruinsWine
Located on a corpse inside the strange place cave, to find easily hug the left wall right after entering cave and the key will be in the 2nd room. Used to open cellar doors right outside the strange place cave within D10-5
Inside the cellar you will find a strange map piece, a NDP detector part, wine, and Key #1
10Radioactive Ruins found on 4th floor of main building in L11-9 on a corpse under metal bed frames. Used around the corner on the 4th floor to open door.Fulminate of Mercury X 9
11Located behind a lockpick door within Minaevskaya mine town. Opens a locked box in the field of Zapadnaya mineLupa shotgun and magnum shots
Dropped randomly by AI humans, used in the MTE to open door B4-7.
Wine, Charcoal, NDP part
14Dropped randomly by AI humans, used to open door on side building within Minaevskaya mine town.Sneakers, SH-2 armor plate, nuts. locked box inside contains: 3 X A1 Battery, magnum shots and 5.45×39 HP rounds
15Dropped randomly by AI humans, used to open door in Sosonovka houseNon-ferrous ore and charcoal
16Dropped randomly by AI humans, used to unlock door on the 2nd story building at the Radio Telescope tower.15 sulfur, 60 plastic, 4 mercury
Located in small village south of Solar in suitcase in main house. Used to open door within same village at C4-9
Junk…maybe I missed something. Bandages, .22LR ammo, nuts
18Located within the northern canyon control point village. Used on door in canyon C3-1 at the farm locationGorka pants and …
20Located at H5-5 in little lakes hut. Used at the Blockpost Mountain pass east side trailerKey #21
21Requires key# 20 at H5-5 east side trailer to obtain. Used to open safe behind lockpick doors within the cabin at the abandoned camp at J1-52 Gold Bars
22Located within bunker within Solar city behind a locked door on corpse. Used just outside the solar bunker to open a door upstairs.Mostly junk, small medkits, cider
23Located within bunker within Solar city under bed in 2nd bunk-bed room. Used just outside the solar bunker to open a door upstairs.Junk and 20 wood
50Located in B7-9 inside a bus on the road. Used in south west area of A8-3 inside smaller house.Cloth, ammo, hammer, ingot mold, food, earring, condoms, thick paper, lock pick blanks, USP Battery, antidotes, both pliers, thread, medkits, newspaper, cider, water and Waybill #20210609-002. Credit goes to – Reikoku