Mihalich’s Map — Will To Live Online

On Mihalich’s desk is a map with red markings, I’ve transferred them to another map and started exploring. Here is what i’ve found so far

Mountain Pass – M1-8
there is chrome to be mined, and 10 gold , 2 sulfur, 2 matches, 1 plastic bottle, 2 large medkits, 20* 9×39 SP-5

2 gold, 2 nonferrous metal, 16 9×18 PM FMJ, 5 small medkits, 1 plastic bottle, 2 ferrous metal, 1 matches, 1 duranium tube, 5 newspaper,

J5-4 – bottom right

small cave, small flesheaters and 2 gold

Traincar Map Crossover, ammo crates scattered

Teleport to strange place attic
Bottle of wine, 8 gold, other junk, flesheaters